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For me,I feel it's amazing and unbelievable!I have a lot of hobbies since I was a kid,I love puzzles,I'm interested in so many things,I love the feelings to find out new things or thoughts and being surprised.But with I get more and more knowledge,it's getting hard to have those feelings.When I knew ASMR,I was really shocked.How could something seems normal but be so special?Besides,why I didn't find that out myself before?And,how should I didn't know this amazing thing from others before(sort of upset about this XD)?And,why someone feels nothing about it?

When I listen to ASMR,I feel very relax and peaceful and safe sometimes(it's weird why I don't feel noisy XD),and sometimes I get tingles and feel really comfortable.

It's said that different people have different feelings about ASMR,so I wonder what do you guys feel about that XD

Who's zhiuanlv

WOW I didn't notice this part before! I love PPOMO very much! I major in physics,I'm interested in puzzles and logic. I love movies,music,art,food,adventure,exercise,novels,science and video games. I hate censorship,dictators,philosophy,chicanery,selfish or mindless people. I'm interested in and willing to understand nearly everything!
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    Dacapo 2017.01.11 02:41

    I'm pretty new to asmr, and probably don't know much as other people here, but in my case i was going through some shitty events and possibly going through the worse slump of my life, and started to look for contents online to help out my sleeping issues. Then I found Ppomo's work and i guess the personal attention really got me to get me back in track with much more of a positive attitude. Lot of the asmr contents were a little weird at first, but I clearly remember the moment when I just started to really appreciate the passion and caring personality of hers, haha. Ever since then, she has earned another fan boy :D

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    zhiuanlv 2017.01.11 02:54
    Yeah,I met PPOMO when I'm in one of my worst time,too.She has moved me deeply since the beginning.XD
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    ZikkioX 2017.01.11 05:20

    Technically, by medical definition, being afffected by ASMR is sort of a medical disorder msn026.gif


    But it's a harmless, common and kind of cool disorder called "Synesthesia", more specifically for ASMR, "Auditory-Tactile Synesthesia". Imagine you have an electric circuit that's very complicated, and you send a bunch of very specific electric currents through one wire. But that wire is very close to another wire, and the electricity is picked up through both wires. That is what happens to our nervous system! 

    We hear a certain type of sound, a "trigger", and as a result our brain gets kind of confused and sends a small signal through our nervous system that feels like tingles. 

    And because of this, part of the reason we feel so relaxed sometimes is with so many senses being stimulated, but NOT over-stimulated (flashing lights, loud sounds) at the same time, it's similar to meditation, which not only lets us sleep easier but actually adds vitality to a busy, stressed mind!

    So, when PPOMO does a doctor roleplay, she really is healing us <3


    And that's just the nervous system part! There's so much more cool stuff that happens in our brain when we listen to this. 


    For instance, a clinical roleplay video or a sleep therapy shop or any personal care video she has, we subconciously identify as the person she is treating and when she says stuff like "You must be under a lot of stress" or "I can see you haven't been getting a lot of sleep", that actually immediately helps, because our brain likes it when it is understood. It's like feeling better after a psychologist tells you what is wrong, even when you already know. 


    So, in conclusion, technically ASMR should have no effect on humans. And technically, it's actually considered a defect. But it's like a super power, being able to relax and meditate just by listening to a sound, when regular people have to pay hundreds of dollars for professionals just to get the same result we get from watching a video! msn034.gif

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    Dacapo 2017.01.11 06:35
    very interesting how its considered a defect! xD thanks for the knowledge!
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    zhiuanlv 2017.01.11 06:39
    That's interesting knowledge.I'm interested in it.Thank you!
    But I think that's part of how ASMR works,for I also heard that there's no common conclusion about how ASMR really works.There's still no scientific support for ASMR now.
    You see, how brains work is not clear yet.For me,I'm not a sensitive person,and I'm especially not easy to be confused as far as I know(at least not in the common way),for I've done a lot of test,about visual and hearing and so on,I'm interested in those things.I'm not easy to associate subconsciously,I'm more used to think objectively.XD So you can imagine how surprised I was when I heard ASMR.When I get tingles,I think your explaination is pretty right(but some tingles are normal I guess,because it's caused by the binaural sound,which is impossible to distinguish just by ears),but sometimes I just feel comfortable and relax,no special feelings.When I hear the same sound in reality,I just feel noisy.When I watch role play videos,I feel totally different from the reality,and I won't associate either. XD If it's real,I won't feel relax.haha
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    Ray 2017.01.11 05:21
    ASMR has helped me a lot, every time I've been very stressed just watching a video or two relaxes me and that's why I'm so grateful to the people that make this awesome content. Especially with Ppomo because her channel was the first time I experienced ASMR ever and pretty much every video helps me calm down.
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    zhiuanlv 2017.01.11 06:42
    we're all so similar XD
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    Bunshibun 2017.01.13 19:55
    I found her channel by accident. Though I started using ASMR to get me mentally relaxed. Whenever I make mistakes I can't easily let go of those mistakes. And the fact I got a lot of "noise" in my head at times which makes stuff more stressful. ASMR helps me to just zone-out for a moment and experience some mental silence for once. In PPomo her channel's case... came for the ASMR stayed for the person behind it. Such a sweetheart! =(^-^)=

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