PPOMO's cutest things in my mind XD

by zhiuanlv posted Jan 09, 2017


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1.When PPOMO claps her hands,applauding for herself, it's so cute!

2.I love PPOMO's tsun-dere ASMR,I love her saying "humph!"  XD  But it seems that PPOMO prefers kidnapping her senpai...XD

3.I like PPOMO crying when she fails in games..XP  and when she saying sorry to us because  of her big noise XD  don't hit me...

4.I love PPOMO saying "hi" very friendly and closely,and gentle,with very cute tone,kind of like telling a story or something..  :)

5.It's so common that I almost forgot:I love PPOMO's warcry,chaaaaaaa!! XD

6.I love PPOMO saying "ammmmm" when she's doing vampire role play(like my mom,when I was a baby).. <3

7.PPOMO is so cute in the video which she was wearing high heels...XD

8.PPOMO is very very cute when she sings funny songs,like high pitch test.


I will just stop here.I'll leave the greatest One Piece to you guys XD

I'm a negative person,but I also want to be optimistic and full of happiness.I'm happy when I watch PPOMO,and when I talk to many people who love PPOMO too.It's good to be here!

PPOMO is really tender,and has such a good temper.I wonder what's it likes when PPOMO is angry.I pretty want to know...XD

Who's zhiuanlv

WOW I didn't notice this part before! I love PPOMO very much! I major in physics,I'm interested in puzzles and logic. I love movies,music,art,food,adventure,exercise,novels,science and video games. I hate censorship,dictators,philosophy,chicanery,selfish or mindless people. I'm interested in and willing to understand nearly everything!


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